Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend in New Orleans

You may remember that we had planned to visit my sis in New Orleans on Labor Day, only to be foiled by Gustav. This past weekend, we finally made it there! Thanks to Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492, Perry and I had a day off from school, so we headed to the Big Easy.
My nephew Luke wanted to show Perry his favorite place -- the Insectarium. It was really fascinating, and the boys were both mesmerized. There were bugs of all types, along with spiders, a butterfly house, and a very cool movie experience.

There was also an insect cafe. Eric had heard about this and was eager to give them a try. The rest of us took a little coaxing, but we all took the plunge and tried a wax worm. Luke even ate 2! They weren't too bad, actually. They were cooked and seasoned, and you could really hardly tell you were eating an insect! I will say that I was not interested in anything with legs, though. Even the deep-fried cricket did not appeal to me at all, although I am usually a fan of just about anything deep fried.

Another highlight was a ride across the river on the ferry. Last time we were in NO, it was too foggy to ride, and Perry was so excited to get the chance to actually ride this time.

On Sunday, Lana and Luke took us on a tour of a couple of neighborhood parks.

And we had a great time hanging out at the family business -- The Monkey Room! Perry was a huge fan!

We had a really wonderful visit. I wish they didn't live so far away. It was great spending time with them!

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